2023 Tournament Schedule


All games played at the Woodland Park Ice Rink in Kalispell, Montana.

Friday, December 1st

3:00 PM - Whitefish Fog vs Whiskey Sticks
4:15 PM
- Bias Brewery vs Tamarack Brewery
5:30 PM
- Brewery Museum vs Logan Health
6:45 PM
- Triple Dog vs Backslope Brewsers
8:00 PM
- Pitstop Liquor vs Blacksmith Brewery
9:15 PM
- Calgary Pioneers vs Cali Brew

Saturday, December 2nd

8:00 AM - Bias Brewery vs Triple Dog Brewery
9:15 AM
- Tamarack Brewery vs Whiskey Sticks
10:30 AM
- Logan Health vs Blacksmith Brewery
11:45 AM
- Calgary Pioneers vs Brewery Museum
1:00 PM
- Whitefish Fog vs Backslope Brewsers
2:15 PM
- Bias Brewery vs Cali Brew
3:30 PM
- Backslope Brewersers vs Pitstop Liquor
4:45 PM
- Whiskey Sticks vs Calgary Pioneers
6:00 PM
- Cali Brew vs Brewery Museum
7:15 PM
- Tamarack Brewery vs Pitstop Liquor
8:30 PM
- Triple Dog Brewery vs Logan Health
9:45 PM
- Blacksmith Brewery vs Whitefish Fog

Sunday, December 3rd

9:00   AM - Cali Brew vs Pitstop Liquor
10:15 AM - Triple Dog Brewery vs Blacksmith Brewery
11:00 AM - Tamarack Brewery vs Calgary Pioneers
12:45 PM - Brewery Museum vs Backslope Brewsers
2:00   PM - Whitefish Fog vs Logan Health
3:15 PM - Bias Brewery vs Whisky Sticks

Did Someone Mention Beer?

Honestly, what goes better with Hockey than beer? Well, maybe the Stanley Cup, but none of us are ever going to hoist that . This tournament was hatched at the San Fransico Craft Brewers Conference about six years ago as a way to celebrate and combine a couple of our favorite things, fun hockey and GREAT BEER.

Western North America plays host to some of the greatest beers on the planet, and every year we have award winning breweries that donate their wares, sponsor teams and make our tournament happen! Stay Tuned right here as we update our participating breweries, beers and sponsors.

Get Involved...

This is one step of many to upgrade Woodland Ice Rink and make it a hallmark outdoor hockey rink we can all be proud to call our home ice!

The Craft Brewers Hockey League is a joint effort among several partners in the Flathead Valley who pitch in to make this tournament a reality. From the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce, and the Kalispell City Council, to the Beacon, Interlake, the Bear, and all of our brewery sponsors, we are incredibly grateful for this great community and the support it continually shows for our fundraising.  If you or your organization would like to become part of this great tournament please contact us at craftbrewershockeyleague@gmail.com, and we will gladly get you involved.