CBC Rules are not up to date.


Craft Brewers Cup Hockey Tournament Rules

2016.2 Craft Brewers Cup Rules are being re-worked for the latest edition of the tournament. Look for the rules and times to be updated.

Each year 1-5 former NHL players have donated their time to playing the CBC as All-Star Teammates. We are incredibly grateful that they are willing to do this. We do not, however have any idea who all will be here when the puck drops. We will do our very best to ensure that every team gets to play at least 1 game with one of the gracious guys.

Each team is garaunteed 4 games, unless weather becomes a factor. Games will start Friday November 11th at 12:00 PM (n00n). Team Captains must ensure that their team is paid in full before their first game or a penalty of 1 goal per $100 short will be assessed for each game that they remain delinquent.

Tournament Divisions:
Imperial Pints:
The Imperial Pints division is an open division expecting teams to have a minimum number of Novice, B, Beginner and C players. There is no requirement to have women on Imperial Pint teams.

Session Ales:
The Session Ales division is designed to be a fun recreational division where games are as competitive as possible. Higher Caliber “Ringer” players that play in Cup, A, Advanced Leagues must be kept to 1 player per team. Ringers will be given an indicator mark and allowed to score no more than 1 goal. Session Ale teams will be required to have a minimum of 2 women per team. This division is intended to be comprised of B, C, Novice and Beginner players.

Team rosters must be turned in by Wednesday, November 9th along with team pledge commitments. Rosters and commitments can be submitted on the register page.

Free Agents
Players without teams are encouraged to become part of the event. We must have notice from them by Wednesday, November 9th in order to get them on a team by draft time. Players can submit their intent to play on the register page.

Scoring Rules
If a team is down by 3 or more goals in the 3rd period, run time will continue. If the gap is closed to two goals, stop time will begin.

All Tournament officials are current members in good standing of USA Hockey and are deemed qualified to officiate at the level of play assigned.
Zero tolerance for verbal abuse is in effect and will be enforced for all team officials players, and spectators.
Appropriate penalties will be assessed for disputing or arguing a decision of the officials, any visual demonstration of dissatisfaction, or for the use of obscene or vulgar language to anyone at anytime during the tournament.
Please keep in mind that the tournament director does not have the authority to reverse the decisions of the game officials.

USA Hockey Rules
This tournament is not sanctioned by USA Hockey. However, the following rules will be honored:
Any player receiving 5 or more penalties in 1 game must sit the following game.
Anyone receiving a game misconduct must sit the next game.
Anyone receiving a match penalty is disqualified from further play.
The acting tournament director (ATD) reserves the right to take measures necessary to ensure a safe tournament for the participants including the modification of any rule(s) herein which is deemed by him/her to be in the tournament’s best interest. Decisions of the acting tournament director are final.

Penalties will be assessed as "live penalty shots". The fouled player is allowed a penalty shot. All players on the ice must line up on the fouled player's red line on both knees. Once the fouled player touches the puck for their penalty shot, the game is again live. The puck can be taken from this player, but they have the advantage of being on a break away. Our goal is to keep the play light hearted while still penalizing teams for infractions.

Game Format
5 minute warm-up. Teams will play 17-17-17 minute run time periods.
In the event a Quarter, Semi or Final game should end in a tie, the tie will be broken in the following manner: 4 on 4 for 3 minutes run time, 3 on 3 for 3 minutes run time, a 3 player shootout, a sudden death shoot out consisting of players who have not participated in the 3 player shootout. If a penalty is assessed the non-penalized team will add a player for a power play.
Shooters for both teams will alternate shots, home team first, with all 6 players shooting unless the advantage by one team is out of reach. If the score remains tied, new players will participate in a sudden death shoot out with the visiting team shooting first. The players in the 1st group of 3 may not shoot again until all other eligible players on their team have had a turn. Goalies are not eligible.

Time Out
One, 30 second time out per team, per game, is allowed per game.

*These rules may be amended prior to the tournament to coincide with any changes in the tournament format.


Did Someone Mention Beer?

Honestly, what goes better with Hockey than beer? Well, maybe the Stanley Cup, but none of us are ever going to hoist that . This tournament was hatched at the San Fransico Craft Brewers Conference about six years ago as a way to celebrate and combine a couple of our favorite things, fun hockey and GREAT BEER.

Western North America plays host to some of the greatest beers on the planet, and every year we have award winning breweries that donate their wares, sponsor teams and make our tournament happen! Stay Tuned right here as we update our participating breweries, beers and sponsors.


These things don't just happen

The Kalispell community really pitches in to make this tournament a reality. From the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce, and the Kalispell City Council, to the Beacon, Interlake and Bear we are incredibly grateful for this great community and the support it continually shows for our fundraising.

Below are some of our sponsors from the past four years. Please take some time to thank them for supporting our efforts to improve Ice Sports in the Flathead Valley.

If you or your organization would like to become part of this great tournament please contact us at craftbrewershockeyleague@gmail.com, and we will gladly get you involved.

Get Involved...

This is the first step of many to upgrade Woodland Ice Rink and make it a hallmark outdoor hockey rink we can all be proud to call our home ice!

The Craft Brewers Hockey League is a joint effort among several partners in the Flathead Valley who pitch in to make this tournament a reality. From the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce, and the Kalispell City Council, to the Beacon, Interlake, the Bear, and all of our brewery sponsors, we are incredibly grateful for this great community and the support it continually shows for our fundraising.  If you or your organization would like to become part of this great tournament please contact us at craftbrewershockeyleague@gmail.com, and we will gladly get you involved.